Yell & Tell Teacher Resource Manual

Jean Davidson, granddaughter of Harley Davidson co-founder Walter Davidson, is an accomplished teacher and author. She is also the founder of the Davidson Yell & Tell Foundation. Jean started Yell & Tell after her four-year-old grandson, Ryder, tragically drowned while playing near his home. One of the boys Ryder had been playing with saw him fall into the water, but because the boy knew they weren’t supposed to be playing in or around the pond, he didn’t go to get help right away.

The Yell & Tell program is designed to encourage kids to speak up and to get help when they feel something is wrong. Ensuring a dangerous situation doesn’t turn into a fatal one is as simple as yelling and telling. Teachers and parents can use the incredible teaching materials Jean has developed to address:

  • Danger at the Lake
  • Trouble at the Pool
  • Playing with Fire
  • Watch out for Poison
  • Don’t Play with Guns
  • Danger on the Street

Download your free copy of the official Yell & Tell Teacher Resource Manual today! This 68-page resource is complete with lesson plans, supplemental activities and assessment tools for grades K through 4.