Loss Prevention Services

Camp Counselor Training

Each summer, West Bend sees a significant spike in the number of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance claims. A large majority of this increase can be traced to day camps and summer camps. In an effort to combat this spike in claims, West Bend’s loss prevention representatives travel across the Midwest to present on safety topics designed specifically for each individual camp.

Facility Walkthroughs

You and your team know your facility and programs like the back of your hand. In almost every imaginable situation this is a huge advantage. When it comes to risk management and identifying opportunities for improvement, however, seeing the same thing everyday can be a drawback. That’s the benefit of physically walking through the facility with a West Bend loss prevention rep; they experience every nook and cranny with fresh eyes and unique perspective.

Aquatic Program Review

A pool or lake can be a great recreational and fitness-focused asset to a community. When underestimated however, water is a huge exposure. From lifeguard in-service trainings to swim testing procedures, all of the little details of a successful aquatic safety program make a big difference. West Bend has experience with aquatics programs of all shapes and sizes.

Undercover Walkthroughs

The food industry has been using the “Secret Shopper” idea to great effect for ages. West Bend loss prevention reps are happy to put that same idea to use with an undercover visit to your site. A rep will visit the facility as a regular member, guest, or volunteer to experience your facility and programs just like an actual visitor would. This program is 100% voluntary, and a West Bend representative will never drop in before speaking with a member of your management team.

Insurance Claims Analysis

West Bend works with hundreds of non-profit, youth-focused, and community-based organizations across the Midwestern United States. These relationships provide a priceless opportunity to benchmark your insurance claims experience with similar, regional organizations. Our sophisticated claims software can highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

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