Ask the Experts: Cyberbullying, Asthma and Spontaneous Combustion

March 18, 2013

Thousands of people just like you visit every single month. The large majority of you are looking for answers to your safety-related questions. We do our best to share as much information as we can, but we admit that it can be difficult to keep up with every possible topic.

In hopes of answering as many of your questions as possible, we're going to start posting a monthly

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Newtown: Helping Children Understand

December 18, 2012

We all know what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14th. There's no need to repeat the horrifying details of one of the deadliest school shootings the world has ever seen.

As more and more details surrounding the massacre come in to focus, we will inevitably start a national conversation on topics ranging from gun control to mental health to school safety. These are big, complex, and divisive conversations that may divide

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Bully: A Documentary

February 24, 2012

We are eagerly awaiting Bully, a feature-length documentary from The Weinstein Company due to hit select theaters on March 30th.

Official word on the project: "BULLY tells the remarkable stories of five brave families that will challenge viewers to move from shock and resignation about bullying to action, transforming schools and communities into places where empathy and respect are valued and bullying is unacceptable. The film's powerful stories offer youth, parents, and educators

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Are you Nomophobic? Probably.

February 22, 2012

"Phone, keys, wallet."

"Phone, keys, wallet."

"Phone, keys, wallet."

I repeat those three things while tapping at my pockets all day long. I don't go anywhere without the three. Even when I'm at home I know precisely where my phone is at all times. I didn't know it until today, but there is no doubt that I am the very definition of a

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Product Recalls: Tylenol for Infants

February 17, 2012

Johnson & Johnson has just announced a major recall for their line of Infant's Tylenol. The recall covers more than 500,000 bottles of liquid Tylenol. While there is reportedly nothing wrong with the medicine itself, a portion of the "SimpleMeasure" dosing system has a flawed design that can lead to a portion of the packaging to fall into the medicine.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to

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Resusci Anne: The Sad Story Behind the CPR Doll

December 09, 2011

Do you know CPR? If so, you've probably shared an intimate moment with Resusci Anne. After all, 300 million people across the globe have been trained on the Resusci Anne CPR doll.

But did you know Resusci Anne is modeled after

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Bully Bait: Basketball Team Loses by 98 Points

November 28, 2011

When is enough, enough? That's the question a lot of people are asking after a group of middle school students in Kentucky lost a basketball game 100-2. Yes, you read that right. One hundred... to two.

Pikeville Independent Middle School went up 70-0 by half time, before finally beating Kimper Elementary and Middle School by 98 points. Now, as word about the rout begins to spread, many are seeking severe repercussions for Pikeville's coach, Bryan Johnson. In fact, some sources had originally reported that the school board had been considering canceling

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Hero Delusions: Where Penn State Went Wrong

November 11, 2011

Almost 8 months ago I wrote an article about 3 trends in child abuse scandals. Regardless of whether abuse occurs at the hands of a childcare provider, a clergyperson, a swim coach, or a family member, I feel there are 3 very clear similarities. For starters, the victim is always trapped in

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Fear & Lollipops: Teaching the Importance of Online Privacy

November 11, 2011

Social media safety has been discussed over and over again on Culture of Safety. We've shared advice on safe ways to communicate with minors online. We've shared social media best practices for nonprofits. We've even talked about potentially dangerous photo sharing iPhone applications.

In all of these posts we try and preach the importance of appreciating your online privacy. For a while I thought we had been doing a pretty good job. And then I had an experience that changed everything. You can't truly appreciate the fragility of your own online privacy until you experience

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4 Ways to Make Halloween Safe for Everyone

October 28, 2011

What do you think the scariest part of Halloween is? The costumes? Or the haunted houses? Or possibly the prospect of having to clean up your front yard after the neighbor kids toilet paper everything?

While all of these things are scary in their own right, they pale in comparison to the fear of navigating Halloween with a

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