Winter Driving Tips

November 29, 2018

It’s that time of year when snow, ice, and wind make driving more treacherous. Many accidents happen during the winter months when road conditions deteriorate and drivers are dealing with hazardous weather. While there are times it may be possible to stay off the road, if you have to drive in winter weather, here are a few simple tips that can help keep you safe.

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Say "Yes" to a Snow Removal Contractor this Winter

December 06, 2013

Winter is definitely here. Much of Minnesota is still digging out from over two feet of snow and half the country is bracing for crippling ice storms. Every year, at just about this time, the claims department at West Bend sees a drastic increase in the number of reported claims during the winter months. These claims are usually the result of

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The Luckiest Driver You've Ever Seen

April 16, 2012

Exactly one month ago we shared a video of the most shocking car crash you'll ever see. In that short amount of time it has become one of the most viewed posts ever on Culture of Safety.

If the carnage displayed in that 30 second clip showed us anything, it was just how devastating things can be in a worst case scenario. The setting for this new clip is similar in almost every way; the only difference is

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Two Kids Die in Frigid Lake

April 13, 2012

Brothers Jacob (2) and Zech (6) both died of hypothermia last week after the sail boat they were in capsized in the middle of Clearwater Lake in northern Minnesota. The boys were accompanied by their 8-year-old brother and their father. All four were wearing life jackets.

According to the boys' father, the boat capsized after a strong gust of wind struck the sails. He reportedly tried pulling all three boys to shore, but strong currents made that impossible. Instead, he left the boys in

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Icy Roads? You Don't Stand a Chance

January 23, 2012

Do you know an over confident driver? If so, send them out to Bountiful, Utah.

Something tells me they'll come back a little more cautious... that is, of course, if their car wasn't completely totaled or stuck in some poor homeowner's shrubs.

Next time you're presented with icy road conditions, just remember

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Lessons Learned From a Burst Water Pipe

March 08, 2011

Ten months ago I bought my first home. In that time I've been busy painting, landscaping, and even replacing the home's original windows. Until last week, I had been feeling pretty good about my first go at this whole home ownership thing.

That is, until I came home from dinner on a Saturday evening and forgot to close the garage door. Temperatures dropped well below freezing that night. Predictably, I woke up to frozen pipes. After about 20 minutes of

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