Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 27, 2017

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Everyone knows just how dangerous distracted driving is, but the statistics keep getting worse. According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 40,000 people died from car accidents in 2016. This is a 14% increase in the number of fatalities just two years ago. And a new study from Cambridge Mobile Telematics found that in most car crashes, distracted driving plays a role.

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Private Personal Training at the Y?

March 30, 2017

One of our loss prevention experts recently received a question that many YMCAs and larger fitness facilities face. Employees at this YMCA noticed some of their members using the facility to train other members. This isn't an unusual occurrence. Someone who wants to make money with their skills offers to provide training for others, using the YMCA or fitness center as a meeting place. They could be offering swim lessons, sports training, personal training, or other services.

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Do I Have to Let that Dog in Here?

January 28, 2016

A client walks into a community organization with a large dog. The dog doesn’t have a vest or badge identifying it as a service animal and the person is not blind. The organization has a clear sign prohibiting animals on the premises. The person states the dog is their service animal. What should the organization do?

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Stress and Abuse in Child Care

October 30, 2015

A new story about abuse in child care centers pops up just about every day. And these stories span the country; from New York City (where a provider was caught on camera treating toddlers roughly at a Montessori school) to Albuquerque (where a longtime caregiver was caught shaking infants in her classroom). These videos are hard to watch and it’s very disheartening to see children

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Possible Jail Time for Teachers that Didn't Report Abuse

May 06, 2013

Did you know it’s against the law to not report child abuse? Three school administers in Tennessee learned this lesson the hard way and were arrested and indicted for failing to report abuse perpetrated by one child against others. They face a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail for not reporting the incident to proper

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Rutger's Coach Physically Abuses Student Athletes

April 03, 2013

Mike Rice, the men's basketball coach at Rutgers University, was fired this morning after a video of him physically and verbally accosting student athletes went public. Throughout the 2.5 minute video we see the former coach grab, hit and assault players on multiple occasions. He even goes so far as throwing a basketball at the back of an athlete's head during practice.

And the abuse didn't stop there. Although the sound has been edited by ESPN, it's clear that Mike Rice also enjoyed verbally abusing his team as well. On several instances he can be heard swearing at the players and showering them

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Your Odds of Dying At Work

January 23, 2013

Back in September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published the 2011 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries [PDF] which tabulates important data on every work-related fatality. NPR's Planet Money published a nice graphic showing some of the country's deadliest occupations. The list includes a lot of the dangerous occupations

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[Video] 3 Ways to Survive an Active Shooting

January 16, 2013

The odds of coming face-to-face with an active shooter are relatively slim, but with so many recent stories about heavily-armed people going on a rampage, it's hard to not have at least a little hesitation in the back of your mind.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, we shared some tips for how to respond to an active shooter. In that article, West Bend

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4 Reputation-Busting Social Media Mishaps

December 07, 2012

If you've ever emailed, texted, blogged, tweeted, Instagramed or Facebooked, there's a very good chance you've posted or shared something you've regretted. Whether it was accidentally hitting Reply All, publishing a blog post riddled with typos, or inadvertently posting a private photo for the world to see... there has to be something you've done online that you deleted or modified as soon as the mistake became clear.

The fact is... we all make mistakes. The other fact is... we all have private

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Hero Delusions: Where Penn State Went Wrong

November 11, 2011

Almost 8 months ago I wrote an article about 3 trends in child abuse scandals. Regardless of whether abuse occurs at the hands of a childcare provider, a clergyperson, a swim coach, or a family member, I feel there are 3 very clear similarities. For starters, the victim is always trapped in

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