Time to Referee The Choking Game

August 24, 2011

With school getting ready to start back up for kids across the country, now seems like a good time to readdress a very scary trend with adolescents and young adults. Almost two years ago we published a safety article on The Choking "Game", an activity kids engage in that cuts oxygen off to the brain. The lack of oxygen causes the participant to feel a temporary high and dizziness. Unfortunately, many children often

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Face It: 75 Reasons You're Getting Old

August 23, 2011

What do Frank Zappa, River Phoenix, Arthur Ashe, and Andre the Giant all have in common? They all died before this year's class of incoming college freshmen were born. And can you believe that Ferris Bueller would now be old enough to be their father?

Times have changed dramatically in the last 18 years. Fortunately, some hard working people in Wisconsin provide the rest of us with a list to let us know just how

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