To Swerve, or Not to Swerve?

November 22, 2011

A few days ago while my wife and I were driving from Chicago to Madison, we witnessed a frightening situation that more than one million Americans will experience each year… a deer strike. I know that between hunting season, Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping, the roads are extra busy this time of year so it is important to be extra alert for deer. I had also always been under the impression that you need to mainly watch out for deer crossing the road at night, but this past weekend I learned that

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Oh, Deer! One Million Reasons to Drive Safely

October 07, 2011

Brand new data was just released about the number of deer versus car collisions.

First, the good news: deer versus car collisions are reportedly down for the third straight year. Now the bad news: there are still more than 1,000,000+ reported collisions every single year, and if you live and drive in the Midwest, your odds of hitting a deer while driving might be as high as 1 in

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