When Bullies Share DNA

June 18, 2013

I'm the oldest of four. When we were all kids, I always tried to be a good older brother to my sister and two step-brothers. But there was something about being bigger, stronger and smarter than the three of them that triggered the occasional need to tease and taunt. (Note the use of past tense in that sentence. They are all now either bigger, stronger or smarter than me.)

I can vividly remember my sister running to my mom screaming, "John keeps

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Bully: A Documentary

February 24, 2012

We are eagerly awaiting Bully, a feature-length documentary from The Weinstein Company due to hit select theaters on March 30th.

Official word on the project: "BULLY tells the remarkable stories of five brave families that will challenge viewers to move from shock and resignation about bullying to action, transforming schools and communities into places where empathy and respect are valued and bullying is unacceptable. The film's powerful stories offer youth, parents, and educators

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Bully Bait: Basketball Team Loses by 98 Points

November 28, 2011

When is enough, enough? That's the question a lot of people are asking after a group of middle school students in Kentucky lost a basketball game 100-2. Yes, you read that right. One hundred... to two.

Pikeville Independent Middle School went up 70-0 by half time, before finally beating Kimper Elementary and Middle School by 98 points. Now, as word about the rout begins to spread, many are seeking severe repercussions for Pikeville's coach, Bryan Johnson. In fact, some sources had originally reported that the school board had been considering canceling

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Shocking Footage: Bullied Child Fights Back

March 15, 2011

A really sad video has been making the rounds online for the last 24 hours or so. The 40-second clip shows a school-aged boy being taunted, teased, and physically harrassed by his peers. The boy being teased takes the abuse for 15-20 seconds, but then, in an attempt to defend himself from more phsycial harm, grabs the bully and slams him dramatically into the ground.

The bully limps away with what many are now reporting is a dislocated knee. And while it sounds as if neither of the children involved will suffer long-term physical harm, this whole scenario could have been so much worse. Take a look at the video below and you'll immediately

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