Child Chokes on Popular Toy

May 31, 2017 by Kayla Eggert

By now, anyone who works or lives with children has probably heard about fidget spinners. This new toy craze has infiltrated schools all over the country. While some tout these toys as a remedy for ADHD, many schools and teachers are frustrated by the distraction they cause. An entire classroom of children spinning these toys may not be very conducive to learning.


Camps and other community organizations that serve children outside of school may not worry as much about distracting toys; however, a recent story highlights a danger that's important for caregivers to consider. A child in Texas took a piece from her fidget spinner and put it in her mouth. She ended up choking on it and had to have the piece surgically removed from her esophagus.

Luckily, the child was okay, but this serves as an important reminder for camps and childcare centers alike. Older children, especially, often bring items from home, including phones, video games, and toys like fidget spinners. Without supervision, this can become a problem. Phones can provide children with a means to get into all kinds of trouble, from bullying to inappropriate content. Video games can present the same sorts of problems. Many camps and organizations prohibit technology for these reasons. Non-technical items and toys, however, can present other hazards.

Keeping a close eye on what children bring with them each day can help caregivers know what to look out for. If items can potentially hurt children or if children can use them inappropriately, it's best to make sure those items are put away until they go home. Better yet, establish clear rules about what items children are allowed to bring from home. This way parents can be on board and help keep problems to a minimum. 

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