Detergent Pods Pose Poison Risk

May 25, 2012

I hope the alliterative title attracted your attention, because this is shaping up to be quite an issue. I first read about the dangers associated with detergent pods on the Seattle Mama Doc Blog, and now I've been seeing news stories pop up everywhere.

You've probably seen these detergent pods already. They're small plastic balls full of pre-measured detergents and fabric softeners. Similar packets are available for dishes as well. In addition to being more convenient (read: more expensive), these little packets also

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Pool Safely's First Splash!

May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24th was a big day for aquatics professionals, parents and kids everywhere. The Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safely campaign kicked off the third year of its pool and spa safety awareness initiative.

As a Pool Safely Campaign Safety Partner, West Bend joined organizations like the Y, Safe Kids USA, and the American Red Cross in this year's goal of providing water safety outreach and education to

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Just Like Falling Off of a Roof

May 21, 2012

Have you ever fallen off of the roof of a one-story house? Hopefully - and probably - not.

Even if you don't have first hand experience, I'm sure you can imagine what this might feel like. If you purposely jumped from a roof you might be able to avoid injury by tucking and rolling at just the right moment, but if falling caught you off guard, there is a very good chance you'd

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Emergency Warnings to Catch Up with Technology

May 15, 2012

"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System."

Who hasn't heard that warning rattle through their radio? Or their TV?

We've all heard it at some point. But for people like me who almost never listen to the radio and prefer to skip through commercials by watching digitally recorded TV, you might struggle trying to remember the last time you heard or saw a legitimate storm warning or other notable

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3 Easy Ways to Meet a Parent's Privacy Expectations

May 09, 2012
This guest post is based on a chapter in Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs: How to Prevent Flare-Ups from Becoming Lawsuits, a book co-authored by Tom Copeland and Holly Elissa Bruno.

In an age where our privacy is rapidly eroding, what do parents expect of their child care center or family child care provider about protecting their family’s privacy?

Parents expect their child care program to keep confidential everything they know about their

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