Do you Pool Safely?

May 12, 2011 was designed by West Bend as a place to discuss some of the most pressing risk management concerns facing nonprofit, youth focused, and community based organizations. Because these organizations serve such a diverse group of people with such a wide range of programs, we discuss a lot of different topics on this site. One topic certainly seems to get more attention than the others though.

Between our Ten Commandments of Effective Lifeguarding video series, our Aquatics Best Practices Guide, and a variety of Aquatic Safety Tips, we think it's clear that aquatic safety is an important pillar in our risk management plan. And for good reason. A pool, spa, or lake is almost always the greatest source of exposure for an organization. And even if there isn't a pool or lake on premises at your organization, your members and guests will undoubtedly benefit from water safety knowledge.

In an effort to continue offering the most thorough and relevant water safety information to our visitors, West Bend is very excited to announce a partnership with the

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