Risk Management: Are we missing the mark?

September 22, 2010

I just finished reading a very interesting article from the New York Times: Keeping Kids Safe From the Wrong Dangers. Here's an excerpt that I think summarizes the message nicely:

"[T]he five things most likely to cause injury to children up to age 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are: car accidents, homicide (usually at the hands of someone they know), child abuse, suicide or drowning. And what are the five things that parents are most worried about (according to surveys by the Mayo Clinic)? Kidnapping, school snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers and drugs." Lisa Belkin - NYTimes.com

It's a natural, human reaction to fear and prepare for the worst possible scenario, often at the expense of failing to prepare for the most likely scenario. As the author explains, parents choose to drive their kids to school in lieu of having them walk alone, because of the fear their child might be

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The Best Winter Safety Tip You May Not Know

September 14, 2010

West Bend's claims adjusters handle an unbelievable number of slip and fall injuries for our customers each winter. And this isn't completley unexpected. Before you say anything... I know what you're thinking.

We're not even half way through September yet! There are still leaves on the trees! Why would I possibly want to think about snow and ice right now!?

The fact is, right now is the perfect time to put one of the best - and least utilized - winter safety tips in to practice. No, we're not asking you to

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