Lifeguarding: How Old is Too Old?

August 23, 2010

A West Bend loss control representative was asked by the aquatics director for one of our customers if we had a policy on the maximum age of a lifeguard. This is an excellent question. In short, virtually no organization should have a policy indicating a maximum age limit for any employees. For an in-depth legal analysis we turned to our very own Jenn Seidler.

Jenn is an attorney with West Bend’s specialty lines division. In addition to handling employment practices liability claims, Jenn works on property, liability and crime policy claims.

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Same-Sex Marriage and Community Orgs

August 05, 2010

[Editor Note: Number of states recognizing same-sex marriage or civil unions updated on February 2nd, 2012] A same-sex couple in North Carolina with three adopted children was denied a family membership at their local YMCA. The Y’s policies and procedures indicate that only a “legally married husband and wife or those who file joint tax returns” may qualify for a discounted family membership.

The couple was encouraged to purchase two separate memberships – a single-with-dependents membership and a single adult membership. While this approach would have given the family access to the Y and its programs just like a traditional family membership, it would also cost an extra

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Emergency Action Plans: From Paper to Performance

August 04, 2010

NOTE: We also have information on Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for emergencies other than aquatics.

Picture this - a possible spinal victim is floating lifelessly in the shallow water of the pool. Lifeguards respond immediately by activating the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). The victim is backboarded and an ambulance can be heard in the distance. As the victim is transported from the pool deck to the ambulance, EMS workers hit a snag. The backboard won’t fit through the building's entrance!  After several minutes searching for keys to a back gate, staffers were able to get the victim in to the ambulance. Luckily, this entire scenario was

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