Dangerously Cluttered Spaces

November 24, 2015 by Kayla Olson

West Bend's loss prevention representatives spend a lot of time in the field working with non-profit, youth-focused, and community-based customers. Like most homes and businesses, our customers own a lot of stuff. From extra toys to fitness equipment, it's hard to find space for everything. Most people might think, "So what? It's just some clutter...it's not a big deal."

But sometimes it is a big deal. These are actual photos West Bend loss prevention representatives have taken in the field.

Dangerously Cluttered Spaces

  1. In the first photo you can see some heavy items stacked on top of a shelf in a room. If you look closely you can see children are playing on the right side of the photo. These items could easily fall if the cabinet is opened or bumped into.
  2. In the second photo you can see the green emergency eye-wash station is completely blocked. Not only is this an OSHA violation, but this could also result in a very serious injury.
  3. In the final photo you'll notice tables stacked up against a wall. This hallway is right outside of a child care area. Some people may think this is relatively harmless, but if you've ever tried moving one of those tables you'd know how dangerous they can be to a small child. In fact, you can see that a table has already fallen down in the top left-hand corner of the photo.

Clutter can seem like a small problem until the moment it isn't. Keeping areas neat and getting rid of items that are no longer needed can go a long way in reducing a wide variety of avoidable injuries. Check your home or place of business right now and see if you can spot any areas that may cause trip and fall injuries, falling objects, or obstructions to emergency egress.

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