Look Before You Lock!

July 24, 2014 by John Oliver

Every summer there are stories from all over the country of young children dying from vehicular hyperthermia after being unintentionally left in cars on warm days. Two tragic stories – one from Texas and the other from Georgia – have been making national news. Both instances highlight how dangerous vehicular hyperthermia can be and why it’s so important to always check vehicles to make sure no children are unintentionally left behind.

To help both parents and caregivers avoid accidentally leaving children unattended in hot vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration created SaferCar.gov. The website is filled with valuable resources designed to keep kids safe from vehicular hyperthermia. Their new campaign “Where’s Baby?: Look before you lock” highlights just how quickly a child can overheat and die in a hot car, even when it is as cool as 57 degrees outside.

Another section of the website contains a wide variety of materials including fact sheets, safety tips, posters, PSAs, and more. Vehicular hyperthermia is a serious concern that has already claimed 17 children’s lives this year alone. These useful materials provided by the NHTSA are a great start in helping protect any children in your care.

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