The Story Behind Dr. Heimlich and His Famous Maneuver

May 09, 2013 by John Oliver

Did you know that Dr. Henry Heimlich first tested his technique to dislodge stuck food on a dog? He tied a string around a piece of meat and forced it into the airway of an anesthetized dog. And did you know that Dr. Heimlich is still alive!? I hadn't the slightest idea. I also wasn't aware that there was so much controversy surrounding a man that's saved thousands of lives across the world.

If you enjoyed the story behind Resusci Anne, the CPR training doll, I'm positive you'll enjoy this 25-minute podcast from Radio Lab. This story really has it all: science, drama, mystery... even a moment or two that might cause you to choke up a bit - no pun intended.

I better stop before I start giving away too many details. Enjoy.

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