[Video] 3 Ways to Survive an Active Shooting

January 16, 2013 by John Oliver

The odds of coming face-to-face with an active shooter are relatively slim, but with so many recent stories about heavily-armed people going on a rampage, it's hard to not have at least a little hesitation in the back of your mind.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, we shared some tips for how to respond to an active shooter. In that article, West Bend loss prevention representatives build upon important information provided by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education. One of the key points made is the importance of identifying your best bet for survival. Your three options are to run, to hide or to fight.

I recently came across the following YouTube video that, in addition to illustrating the reality of gun violence, does a fantastic job of driving home the importance of running, hiding or fighting. This video does display workplace violence that may be difficult for some to watch, but, in general, I feel this is something almost everyone should see at least once.


What did you think of the video? Were you turned off by the violence being depicted? Did the advice change the way you think you might approach an active shooter scenario?

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