Just Like Falling Off of a Roof

May 21, 2012 by John Oliver

Have you ever fallen off of the roof of a one-story house? Hopefully - and probably - not.

Even if you don't have first hand experience, I'm sure you can imagine what this might feel like. If you purposely jumped from a roof you might be able to avoid injury by tucking and rolling at just the right moment, but if falling caught you off guard, there is a very good chance you'd break a bone or two... or possibly even die.

West Bend recently opened a claim for a young child that experienced the infant-equivalent of falling off a roof. The child suffered a fractured femur after falling from a countertop. You might be thinking that there is a really big difference between a countertop and the roof of a one-story building, but when you consider the size and fragility of a young child, a countertop is a huge fall. After all, an average roof might measure somewhere between 10-12 feet, or roughly twice the height of the average adult. At 20-25 inches tall, a six-month-old would be crashing to the ground from twice their height if they were to fall from a countertop or changing table.

The daycare owner caring for the boy reached across the counter for his food just before he fell. Even though she had been supporting his body and only took her eyes off of him for a split second, he was able to wiggle free and fall.

Whenever you put a child in an elevated position - whether it's a changing table, a high chair, a countertop, etc. - also ensure that the child is secured. Falling from even just a few feet off of the ground can have serious consequences for young, growing kids.

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