Rescue Ready at Retirement Age

September 19, 2011 by John Oliver

Last Thursday the New York Times published A Test Keeps Lifeguards Fit For Duty, a well-written tale of the steps some of New York City's more "mature" lifeguards take to stay in tip top shape. The timing of the article couldn't have been better, as we were busy putting the finishing touches on the seventh installment of the Ten Commandments of Effective Lifeguarding.

This brand new Lifeguard Commandment video addresses the importance of lifeguards always being "Rescue Ready", which is a major theme in the New York Times article. For beach lifeguards, the winter months are a time when they need to be extra vigilant in maintaining their fitness. If guards, young or old, let themselves go physically during the off season they could potentially put swimmers at risk when the season starts back up in the summer months.

And while the winter offseason may be a difficult test of a beach lifeguard's dedication and commitment, it can also be an enormous benefit to have time to refocus and reenergize.

Indoor lifeguards, on the other hand, aren't often given this opportunity, which makes the tips we share in this new video so important. Lifeguarding can be monotonous and tiring, especially during the slower months like November and December. Just one bad day of a guard not being rescue ready can cost a swimmer their life.

So, if you are a lifeguard or aquatics director, make sure you watch the video and always take steps to be rescue ready. And, if you aren't a lifeguard, it is still a good  idea to watch the video so you know how to identify a bad lifeguard next time you visit a pool or beach.

More Information on Aging and Rescue Readiness

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