'Tis the Season: Why December is as Good as it Gets for Swim Clubs and Fitness Centers

December 07, 2010 by admin

According to Google Trends, December is a big month for swim clubs and fitness centers. Around the end of the year, folks from across the country turn to Google to find ways to make the most of their New Years resolutions. You can see in this interactive chart that Google searches for "Weight Loss" spike at the end of December and early January.

Now we know better than to think that an organization uses search traffic analytics to determine whether or not it was a good year. While an increase in memberships is always a plus, we think December is as good as it gets for swim club and fitness centers from a purely risk management perspective.

Insurance Claims

Over the last two years, both claim frequency and claim severity for swim clubs and fitness centers hit the lowest points in December and January. Starting in February, claims across all lines (ie. workers compensation, general liability, property, auto, and crime) rise steadily until they reach their peak in June and July.

Our customers tell us that this comes as very little surprise. From Thanksgiving to New Years, the typical member spends a lot less time at their local branch. People trade in free weights and fitness classes for pumpkin pie and seconds on Christmas dinner. And with fewer people in the facility, the exposure drops dramatically.


With fewer people in the halls, now is the perfect time to assess the safety-related policies and procedures in place. Take a look at the claims experience over the last twelve months and identify opportunities for improvement. Browse our Safety Alerts for easy-to-implement tips and good places to start planning for the new year.

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