Incident Reporting eBook

An incident report is a document used to collect information on unexpected or traumatic situations that occur at a business. These important documents are used by organizations in every industry to protect against frivolous insurance claims and lawsuits. If they aren’t used properly, however, they can become a huge liability for your business.

This 15-page guide outlines exactly how incident reports can be used in a court of law, how they can protect from litigation, and how they can be used to predict and prevent future incidents. Download your copy today to also get access to a free sample incident report that you can start using today!

This free eBook contains information on the following topics:

  • What is an Incident Report?
  • Why are Incident Reports so Important?
  • What Does an Incident Report Look Like?
  • What are the Keys to a Good Incident Report?
  • When Should an Incident Report be Filled Out?
  • How Long Should an Incident Report be Retained?
  • FREE Sample Incident Report

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