Childcare Safety Guide

Kids are fast, curious and unpredictable. Whether they’re with a small in-home provider, a large child care center, or simply their own home, countless dangers can be found around every corner.

This guide has information on some of the most common sources of injuries and childcare insurance claims originating in in-home and larger childcare centers. In addition to detailed information and prevention tips, the Childcare Safety Guide includes a printable checklist that parents and providers can use to make a child’s environment as safe as possible.

In this free safety guide you will learn how to prevent:

  • Burns and Scalds Caused by Bottle Warming
  • Injuries Caused by Falling Bookcases and Shelves
  • Door-Related Finger Injuries and Amputations
  • Vehicular Hyperthermia Deaths
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Playground Injuries