Preventing Childhood Burns and Scalds

Hear from three child safety experts as they discuss the impact that faulty slow cooker design has on people across the country. We hope you will consider sharing this important message with your family and friends.

You Can Help!

You can help put an end to these horrible injuries by adding your name to a petition directed at the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Underwriter Laboratories.

Sign the BREAKAWAY Petition

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Why You Should Sign the Petition

On July 16th, 2007, a 14-month-old boy in Minnesota was airlifted to an intensive care unit after suffering 1st and 2nd degree burns to more than 13% of his body. While reaching for his bottle at daycare, he unintentionally pulled the cord of a slow cooker used to warm his formula. In pulling the cord, the slow cooker tipped over spilling several ounces of scalding hot water onto his head, neck, shoulder, chest, and back.

Ten days later in Wisconsin, another child pulled the cord of a slow cooker and subsequently suffered severe burns to more than 20% of her body. Even after several months of treatment, the scarring to her face, back, and shoulders – which you can see in the photo to the right – is significant and permanent.

A wide variety of kitchen appliances like electrical fryers and fondues are already required to be equipped with magnetic breakaway cords. These cords detach the moment anyone – a child, family member, pet, etc. – accidentally pulls on the cord. The technology is available. The pain these children feel is real. Please consider signing this petition to prevent burns and scalds.

More Resources

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