Volunteer Screening Best Practices

Non-profit and community organizations depend on thousands of volunteers to help support their extensive programs. Many of these volunteers work exclusively with children. It is important to screen each volunteer to ensure that potential predators do not have access to these children. Because all volunteers could potentially have access to children, all adult volunteers and employees should go through a strict screening process regardless of relationships with staff, position in the community, or any other reason.

A thorough screening will include many of the following:

  • A written volunteer application
  • Verification of written application information
  • A survey to gauge their interest
  • Interviews (in person and via phone)
  • Parental release forms for minors
  • Previous employment background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Screening through the National Sex Offender Public Registry
  • A minimum of three confirmed personal, non-related references
  • Observe the applicant with children
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